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The Secret

The secret to an effective and long-lasting septic system is regular maintenance. A family of 4 should expect to have their tank pumped every 2-3 years. During our visit we will also inspect lines and the drainage field to ensure everything is working properly.

A Few Tips

  • Avoid pouring fats, grease, and solids down the drain. These substances can clog a system’s pipes and drain field. Only put things in the drain or toilet that belong there. For example, coffee grounds, dental floss, disposable diapers and wipes, feminine hygiene products, cigarette butts, and cat litter can all clog and potentially damage septic systems.

  • Be water-efficient and spread out water use.

  • Fix plumbing leaks and install faucet aerators and water-efficient products.

  • Spread out laundry and dishwasher loads throughout the day – too much water at once can overload a system that hasn’t been pumped recently.

  • Do not park or drive on a system’s drain field, where the vehicle’s weight could damage buried pipes or disrupt underground flow.



Celebrating 40 Years

Established in 1980

Carey, Inc. was established in 1980 by Jim Carey. Located in Channing, Michigan, Carey, Inc. started with 8 employees and now employs 35.

Legacy of Excellence

Over the years, logging techniques and practices have changed, however, one thing has remained constant, well trained employees who take pride in their work.

Regional & National Awards

Thanks to our loyal and experienced employees, we have received many local, state, and national awards and have a long list of satisfied landowners.


Sand & Gravel


We supply many types of high quality aggregate, including screened topsoil, sand, gravel, red granite, and more.

Our list includes:
  • Screened topsoil
  • Sand 
  • Crushed road gravel
  • Pit run gravel
  • Crushed red granite
  • Many sizes of stone and rip rap

These products in association with our trucking and equipment fleets can tackle any project. Please call for pricing today!



We have the tools and team for projects large & small, from water and septic line installations to land clearing and development.

Our company can perform excavating projects big or small in a timely manner. People choose Carey because of our diverse fleet of logging and construction equipment, we can see a project from the beginning to the end.
Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Site work (commercial and residential)
  • Land clearing
  • Stump removal
  • Septic systems
  • Water and sewer lines
  • Basement and foundation digging
  • Road building, Landscaping
  • Pond construction
  • Trucking
  • Snowplowing/snow removal
Septic Tank Services


Septic System Installations
Because a septic system is one of the costliest components of your home, choosing the right company to install a new septic system is an extremely big decision. Our professional team will thoughtfully craft out your septic system so that it functions properly for years to come.
Septic Tank Pumping and Service

Sodergren Septic Service has been serving your septic needs for 50 years! Our goal is to offer our customers quality septic services at competitive prices. We service Marquette, Dickinson, Iron, Baraga, Alger, Houghton, Ontonagon, and Keweenaw counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. With fast, efficient service, we’ll take care of your problems quickly! After each project, we make sure to clean up after ourselves.


We Specialize in the Following Services:

  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Septic Tank Locating
  • Septic Tank Riser Installation
  • Septic System Installation and Repair
  • Septic System Inspections
  • Real Estate and Bank Inspections
  • Effluent Filter Cleaning
  • Drain Field Installation and Repair
  • Water and Sewer lines
  • Portable Toilets
  • Licensed Liquid Industrial Waste Hauler
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • 24-7 Emergency Service
  • 24-7 Emergency Lift Station Pumping